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Find me where my heart lies; and may it always be found in the arms of Christ.

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I am excited to see a generation of women who will raise their boys to be good rather than their girls to be scared.




dancing lessons in the streets of seattle 

These are around the corner from the shop I work at, it’s always funny seeing people occasionally trying out the steps in the sidewalk

That’s adorbs

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he's the most amazing person i've ever met. i didn't know that i could be this happy not only with someone, but in general. he's intelligent, funny, insanely attractive, kind, supportive, loving, and so much more. it happened suddenly and unexpectedly, which makes it even more beautiful.

Well, congratulations. :) enjoy your love, and may God bless you both!

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i found the man i'm going to marry:)))

That’s wonderful! What’s he like? Why do you want to marry him?

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So, we had our second day of VBS today and that just makes me really happy. I just love looking around and seeing the kids having fun and getting excited about learning about God. It seriously puts the biggest smile on my face. And then looking at all of the adults having the time of their life too and making the experience awesome for the kids. It's honestly the best feeling.

Yeah? That’s amazing! I admire you for devoting your time to serving in that capacity. :) 


tell me about something good that happened to you

i want to hear all about what made you happy today

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I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life.

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A Christian man who takes the lead in sexual purity, and who tells the woman that her heart means more to him than her body, and her purity is more valuable to him than his own pleasure, liberates her from a cruel bondage and gives her a blessing that words can hardly describe.

wait for this man. (via proverbs31v25)

Yo, quasi-romantic sentiment, I’m really happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, buuuuut…

This subtly implies that the only party under the bonds of sexual temptation/lust is the woman, and that the choice to remain sexless outside marriage rests solely on the man’s shoulders. “Oh, Christian man! Help me sin less! All I want to do is sin with you, but THANK GOD you don’t want to sin with me! I respect you for overriding my life choices with your own!”

Even if we ignore how this is untrue (dudes and chicks both want it) and sexist, it’s a patently harmful attitude to a relationship. I mean, check it out: if something as important as the choice to abstain from sex is decided by one person, you’re setting a precedent that your relationship is not in any way a partnership, let alone the God-fearing partnership that this quote seems to suggest you’d be wanting.

Fact is, both of ya’ll should be choosing to uphold the “no sexy sex” rule. You gotta stop waiting for a “Christian man” with a savior complex to come along and rescue you and instead follow Christ, the actual Savior

(p.s. you don’t have to “wait for this Man;” He’s already done His thing and is actually patiently and lovingly waiting for you)

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Watch how a person treats someone who they believe is wrong. You can tell much. If they are snobby, arrogant, hostile, and condescending, they are simple-minded bullies obsessed with control. If they are jealous, defensive, insecure, and petty, they are afraid and lack convictions of their own. If they compromise, enable, flatter, and fawn, they are sneaky opportunists ready to run you over. Such motives will force, coerce, or manipulate.

To truly respect someone even when they’re wrong is to have a heart that wants to help them see, since their “wrongness” is often just the blindness of being behind. This sort of heart is open to seeing the best in another, that there is good on both sides, and that there could also be wrong in the self. It is a harder way, but it treats a person with dignity knowing they are not the enemy; rather they need a light to see further ahead where you are. Be that for them.

Miles run: 2k14 Edition!

Today: 3.01 miles in 27:23ish

January total: 8.98 miles

February total: 4.96 miles

March total: 8.64 miles

April total: 10.97 miles

May total: 6.01 miles

June total: 5.63 miles

July total: 10.68 miles

Slopes: yes

Walked: no

Treadmill: no


people get angrier about their tax money going towards helping people than it going towards killing people