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Anonymous asked
Dang Matt one of your followers? How many of us did you give your number to hmmm?

A handful here and there. I don’t know if it was or not! There are very few people who know my full name and number.

No for realsies though:

forever confused by that private number

Super Soldier

In other news, there is no greater workout motivation than watching Chris Evans as Captain America. Dream body right there. As if I wasn’t beginning to take this seriously again already? Now it’s really time to get buff and save the world, you guys.

So, that was weird…

A private number just called me. She insisted I knew her and we had had dinner and went bowling last night and I thought it was a wrong number until she said my full name (and even spelled it out for me) so I’m now really really confused as to what’s going on you guys

she said I was her honey-boo-boo and we had something special and other such oddities?

am I…a playboy werewolf who blacks out every night and parties with women then returns home to my bed to hide my alter ego (and my bowling addiction) from myself….


He was a thunderstorm, and people warned me not to play with him; but I had always loved the rain.

If you say to me, ‘Is it fair that the sin of Adam should be imputed to me?’ I will reply by asking, ‘Is it fair that the righteousness of Christ should be imputed to you?’

Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones (via community4christ)

All that we call human history—money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery is the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.

-C.S. Lewis

As a former atheist I can say this stands so true. I searched for so long and nothing would fill the hole in my heart, and I had tried everything. Only He made me whole.

(via heavenisreality)

I was talking to a new friend recently about what I want most out of my professional life, and of course I ended with, “something that pays me well enough to survive comfortably.” And as soon as I said that, I felt wrong.

The whole idea of getting to a place of comfort is diametrically opposed to the spirit of Christianity. Not that comfort itself is bad, for God is the Great Comforter, but that the more we crave comfort, the more likely we are to take steps to achieve it. At first glance, this may seem good, but the backside to becoming comfortable is that we, seemingly without fail, give up our ability to be uncomfortable ever again.

We think that if we live small lives rooted in humility, God will bless us. He will. But why will He bless us with the same things the braggarts are bragging about? To give us cause to abandon our long-held humility and brag about how our way worked out better?

No, maybe God blesses small humble lives by giving us what we need to survive the exodus of our comfort zones or, if I know my God at all, to even enjoy living in a state of disruption and discomfort.

Don’t misunderstand me: this is not the life I am now living. I am excessively, almost stiflingly comfortable and I am exceedingly grateful for what I have. I know that it is from God. My acknowledging what is written above is simply my heart’s declaration (and urging to you) that I yearn to have the kind of faith that is comfortable being uncomfortable.

The Exodus of Our Comfort Zones via thedeathofmyredlizard